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About ClearShift Cars

For years many have asked, why hasn't anyone figured out how I can buy a car online? Carmakers have spent billions over the last 25 years surveying you to hear the same thing “I hate going to a car dealership to buy your cars!" They haven’t listened, but we have.

We listened and discovered a way to make the process easier.
  • At ClearShift you can do 100% of your shopping and buy online.
  • We buy our cars based on the most popular searches, so you'll find what you're looking for. 
  • We give you the complete history report and have a nationally recognized shop with certified technicians inspect those cars, 
  • so you'll know its mechanically sound.  
  • We price our cars lower than the competition, so you know you're paying the best price.  We’ll show you the data that proves it.
  • You told us you didn’t want to be lied to by a car salesman and his manager, then wait an hour for them to print the paperwork.
  • You can buy everything from a toaster oven to a house without paper, why not a car? 
  • We complete the whole transaction financing, trade-in, and paperwork online. All you have to do is pick it up.
Look, others have tried and failed. They took your answers and tried to bend them into what would still work for them. We took the time to listen, to figure out what you want and built our business to work for you.  Finally, someone figured it out, ClearShift.
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